AGITO Cine, for your big-budget production



In the business of big-budget production, where precision and innovation intersect to shape cinematic narratives, AGITO Cine stands out as the quintessential choice for those who refuse to settle for anything less than extraordinary. But, as expected, such claims warrant scrutiny. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of benefits aimed at those seriously considering AGITO Cine for elevating their productions. For producers, directors or DOPs, the freedom to dictate camera movement aligns with your unique criteria and context. Factors such as cost-effectiveness, performance benchmarks, safety protocols, sustainability initiatives, innovation capacities and the latitude for creative expression all weigh heavily in your considerations. Let us provide you with the insights necessary to navigate your decision-making process.


The AGITO Cine takes everything you revere about the AGITO and amplifies it for the demands of big-budget productions. With a larger core, expanded wheelbase and increased ground clearance, it’s built to handle heavier camera payloads without compromising the agility that makes our flagship AGITO so unique.

  • Supports up to 150kg (330lb) total payload
  • Speed ranges from 0.5cm/s (0.2in/s) to 27km/h (17mph)
  • Turning circle 3.2m (10.5ft)
  • Powerful motors & mechanical braking
  • Silent drive & steering
  • IP54 weather-resistance
  • Direct Ethernet connection & radio control
  • Combines functions of rickshaws, jibs, dollys, sliders and tracking vehicles into one compact system
  • Completely modular
  • Remote head agnostic
  • Rental-exclusive, available from Camera Revolution & CineMoves



AGITO Cine started life on the Zambezi floodplains. Crafted with a robust drive-ends – BigFoot – to traverse the untamed and formidable wilderness for the documentary series Predators (2022), it simultaneously heralded a new era of filmmaking. With the bold vision of Netflix and Sky Nature’s producers, AGITO Cine set out to capture the essence of a wild dog pack: their intricate communication, the symbiotic dynamics of their hierarchy and the primal art of hunting and predation. Traditionally, such a feat would demand days, if not weeks, of filming. Yet, AGITO Cine defied convention, capturing the unfolding drama in a mere five minutes.

How? This new solution accommodates payloads of up to 150kg (330lbs), all while preserving the unparalleled agility of the original AGITO dolly. With a comprehensive spectrum of remote heads, cameras and lenses at the team’s disposal, they were able to create a wide range of shots from multiple different angles in real time, covering off a major part of the storyboard. AGITO Cine empowers you to focus on the narrative arc, streamlining production timelines and minimising editing efforts. It’s the epitome of responsive storytelling, where every frame resonates with the raw essence of the wild – a methodology applicable to capturing the authentic performances of actors.


Despite its merits, big-budget productions often find themselves constrained to budgetary limitations. By adopting a rental-only model, AGITO Cine paves the way for broader access without the initial financial burden of ownership, facilitating a more flexible allocation of resources to meet your production demands. Furthermore, amid the rapid evolution of technology within our industry, you can be confident that you will consistently receive the latest advancements without being tethered to outdated equipment.

Renting AGITO Cine also provides the added benefit of specialised maintenance and support, thanks to our esteemed partners – Camera Revolution in the UK and CineMoves in the US. With these dedicated teams at your service, you can rest easy knowing that AGITO Cine will remain in optimal condition throughout your production. Our partners offer comprehensive packages with a slew of remote heads and bring invaluable expertise and guidance on usage, setup and troubleshooting. This support empowers you to unlock the full potential of AGITO Cine.


AGITO Cine isn’t just a product; it represents a collaborative journey that began with its unveiling as a protype at CineGear in 2023. We actively sought feedback from industry professionals, delving into their personal insights and experiences, which became pivotal in refining its essence. Today, AGITO Cine empowers operators to shape its ongoing evolution, ensuring its enduring relevance and our commitment to cinematic innovation. Share your thoughts directly via or through our rental providers. Your input is crucial to our collective mission.


AGITO Cine places safety at the forefront, protecting you and your surroundings through advanced features such as physical brakes and a wider footprint for stability. This allows you to concentrate on visuals without concern. Moreover, our comprehensive training program, AGITO Academy, provides hands-on experience for operators of all skill levels, instilling confidence in system operation and safety protocols.

Opting for AGITO Cine reflects dedication to responsible filmmaking. Its interchangeable batteries reduce waste and provide uninterrupted shooting, while its modular design simplifies logistics and minimises resource consumption. As a rental-exclusive product built for durability and easy maintenance, AGITO Cine embodies a sustainable ethos that resonates with conscientious filmmakers everywhere. Amid tightening budgets and escalating carbon emissions, AGITO Cine offers a unique, eco-friendly solution for achieving versatile camera movements within a single, comprehensive package.


AGITO Cine represents a departure from traditional camera dolly systems by emphasising accessibility and ease of use. Unlike conventional setups that demand physical exertion to manoeuvre heavy equipment, AGITO’s design centres around remote control functionality. This means that you can control the dolly from a distance, eliminating the need for strenuous physical effort and the risk of injury. AGITO Cine challenges the misconception that filmmaking requires significant physical strength and highlights how modern technology can democratise the production process, making it accessible to a wider range of creatives. By offering remote control capabilities and flexibility, AGITO Cine allows you to focus on your artistic vision, rather than the labour-intensive demands of operating big equipment.