07 Feb 2023

Is it a bird, is it a plane…… No it’s SkyTrax!

You can now elevate your AGITO with SkyTrax!

This suspended track system allows AGITO to be installed up in the air with an underslung payload capacity of up too 100kg. Providing many options for various camera rigs. Combine that with the advantage of being able to use different track sizes and custom curves to fit studio/set requirements and the sky becomes limitless with AGITO.

⁠The fully modular dolly system is now capable of not only running free, on track or on a magnetic strip, it can now be transformed to be air born! ⁠You are also able to re-purpose the existing AGITO track and easily convert it to the SkyTrax system.

Including a third rail that can run a cable-drag solution to keep your power, data and video cables neatly and safely routed to the system.




As always, safety is a number one priority. SkyTrax runs on fully enclosed hoops with anti-slip wheels making it virtually impossible to derail, keeping the system fully secure and safe.

Reach new heights with AGITO SkyTrax.