14 Jun 2024

Cine Gear Expo 2024

30 May 2024, Bristol, UK – Motion Impossible is excited to announce that AGITO Cine, its advanced modular, remote control dolly system designed for productions requiring heavy payload support, such as film & HETV, will be showcased at the upcoming Cine Gear Expo in Los Angeles.  

AGITO Cine builds upon the foundation of the company’s AGITO system, offering enhanced capabilities to meet the demanding needs of today’s filmmakers. With an expanded core size, wheelbase, and ground clearance, AGITO Cine supports heavier camera payloads while maintaining the agility and maneuverability that have become synonymous with AGITO.  

Made for Film & HETV  

AGITO Cine is designed with a modular framework for quick assembly, disassembly, and reconfiguration, making it an economical choice for large-scale projects globally. It navigates various terrains over slopes and undulations and supports a wide range of camera movements consolidating the functions of jibs, dollys, cranes, camera stabilizer mounts, and more into one system. Additionally, it facilitates capturing shots that would otherwise be unachievable with conventional equipment, such as 360-degree wraparounds, and scenes that eliminate the need for post-production adjustments, like rig or track removal.  

For stabilization, the V-Con Max offers passive stabilization over rough terrain, while the AGITO Column provides controlled elevation up to 2 meters high for precise shot composition. Remote operation enhances scene observation and performance capture, with wireless communication ensuring reliable, flexible control.  

Key Specifications 

  • Supports up to 150kg (330lb) total payload. 
  • Speed ranges from 20mm/s (0.79in/s) to 28km/h (18.6mph). 
  • Turning circle of 2.9m (9.5ft). 
  • Equipped with powerful motors and mechanical braking. 
  • Features silent steering and drive mechanisms. 
  • Incorporates super-quiet elevation with AGITO Column. 
  • Includes a robust modular RF system. 

Experience AGITO Cine in Person 

Attendees of Cine Gear Expo Los Angeles will have the opportunity to see AGITO Cine in action on both the Motion Impossible (267) and CineMoves (409) booths with the AGITO Column and Matrix 4-axis remote head. As the US rental provider for AGITO Cine, CineMoves will be on hand to demonstrate its capabilities and answer any questions. Additionally, Motion Impossible will showcase AGITO Sports, provided by renowned AGITO operator Randy Nolen. This high-speed, modular remote-controlled dolly system was designed for live sports broadcasting and production but can be applied to any environment where dynamic capture and flexible camera movements are required.