AGITO Academy is our dedicated training program, designed for operators of all abilities to gain hands-on knowledge and confidence with the AGITO Modular Dolly System. It doesn’t matter if you have previous experience of radio control systems, this training is designed to give you the knowledge and confidence to operate the AGITO system in “Standard Operator Mode”. Attendees of AGITO Academy training will receive a certificate of attendance.

What is “Standard Operator Mode”?
This is our normal operating state for the AGITO Sports, in this mode the system will run at a maximum of 1400rpm (Monster Wheels: 14.7mph, 23.6km/h) or 800rpm with Tower attached.

Class sizes are limited to ensure students get ample hands-on time with the AGITO.


  • Introduction to AGITO, concept and modular design 
  • Assembly and initial set-up 
  • Operational configuration 
  • Operational settings 
  • Operational practice 
  • Advanced Set-ups 
  • Safety 
  • Recommended checks, maintenance, and firmware 
  • Q&A