AGITO creating the drama with Motion 24

31st Mar 2021 / AGITO

Motion 24 is a leading specialist in moving camera systems and although they often develop their own kit in house they are not afraid to buy tools in from other companies if they provide something their clients are looking for. This is precisely how the AGITO remote dolly system became part of their equipment collection. […]

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AGITO is at the heart of MLB’s Speed Cam

26th Feb 2021 / AGITO

In 2020, the stand out introduction of new technology probably goes to the Major League Baseball (MLB) Network’s Speed Cam; a rail mounted camera that rides on specially constructed tracks built on top of the first base dugout. Its ability to track a runner as they head from home out of the batter’s box to first base has brought fans closer to the action than ever before and manages perfectly to convey the sheer speed and athleticism of the players involved, as the camera keeps pace with these athletes. […]

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AGITO debuts at Le Mans 24h 2020

29th Jan 2021 / AGITO

[…] Nova Grip were able to put AGITO to good use, managing the tricky task of getting up close live action shots whilst staying socially distant, from several areas of the lengthy Le Mans circuit. Meaning that the close to 63 million spectators in 57 different countries were still able to watch fabulous coverage of the race and feel like they were actually there. […]

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21st Jan 2021 / AGITO

Fort Laurderdale-based camera support company handles social distancing and artistry with style.
Michael Taylor, owner of MTJIBS, had been searching for a new system to add to their arsenal of filming solutions, but were coming up short until he found MI’s AGITO modular dolly system. […]

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SHOT ON AGITO – “Taylor Swift – Folklore”

13th Jan 2021 / AGITO

[…] Shooting the gig however was going to be a difficult task. Not only is the studio a small space, packed with equipment, but Covid-19 restrictions meant that the shoot had to be undertaken with minimal people. That led leading East Coast camera systems specialist JITACAM to suggest the use of Motion Impossible’s AGITO TRAX modular dolly system. […]

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10th Nov 2020 / AGITO

In this current world filled with Covid restrictions, the partnership of the AGITO and ARRI SRH-360 means you don’t have to restrict your freedom of movement on even the most confined sets.
As an industry we don’t stop, we just adapt! […]

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SHOT ON AGITO – “The Gateway to the Stars”

31st Jul 2020 / AGITO

The AGITO helped capture the first human launch from the USA since the space shuttle program ended over 9 years ago, and a new era of space travel needs a new way of capturing the journey. MTJibs were tasked by NASA to bring a new perspective […]

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Cricket 2020 – ENG vs WI Test

16th Jul 2020 / AGITO

AGITO returns to the sports broadcast world after a short hiatus during lockdown as part of the cricket ‘tests’ at Lords Cricket Grounds in London, being used as both a moving camera to capture gameplay but also as an innovative remote interviewing platform, a first for the AGITO and a great use of it’s modular […]

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AGITO Is Back!

13th Jul 2020 / AGITO

AGITO has been busy during lockdown getting ready for the return of sports broadcasts that were otherwise cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now sports are picking back up, the AGITO becomes an incredible ‘Social Distancing Tool’ allowing broadcasters to get cameras close to the action and presenters without breaking social distancing or popping ‘bubbles’. […]

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LEGO – ‘Drive What You Love’ Commercial

15th May 2020 / AGITO

The team at ‘Highly Unlikely’ were faced with a problem with how they could shoot the live-action plates for an upcoming commercial featuring a new range of Lego vehicles. They needed to get a camera low enough and smooth enough for the back plates for them to overlay VFX and other live action footage onto. For this AGITO came to the rescue […]

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AGITO vs. Peregrine Falcon

12th Sep 2018 / AGITO

Whats faster? The worlds fastest Modular Dolly System, or the worlds fastest animal? We decided to put that to the test in our latest short. The AGITO goes head to head with Lloyd Buck and his Peregrine Falcon called Rudi, reaching speeds up to 30mph across a bumpy field. The AGITO has 4 levels of stabilisation […]

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