14 Jun 2024

Bristol, 19 March, 2024 – Motion Impossible, the leader in production-proven robotic camera dollies and stabilization solutions, is pleased to announce its return to the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show. Taking place from April 13th to 17th, the event marks a significant milestone for the company as it extends its footprint within the broadcast domain and unveils advancements in camera movement technology, highlighted by the new AGITO Gen 2, AGITO Cine, and AGITO Commander software. 

AGITO Gen 2 

The AGITO Gen 2 builds upon the company’s flagship AGITO robotic dolly, demonstrating innovation in both the Core and Master Controller while retaining the hallmark features of its design and layout.  

The new Gen 2 Core brings silent steering actuators for minimizing noise disturbances, which is crucial for maintaining top-notch audio quality during broadcast and studio recordings. Coupled with increased payload support, broadcasters gain the flexibility to accommodate various camera setups, making it easy to capture a wide range of shots. Ethernet control seamlessly connects with existing studio and broadcast systems, allowing for remote operation and centralized management. Additionally, the system’s IP45 weather resistance ensures reliable operation even in unpredictable outdoor conditions, making it a dependable choice for on-location broadcasts. 

The Master Controller has been ergonomically enhanced, featuring a larger display screen and a built-in precision control rocker for the AGITO Tower or Column. Moreover, intuitive features like haptic feedback and assignable function buttons enable users to make quick and precise adjustments, streamlining the production process.  

With ongoing firmware support and expanded IO capabilities, the AGITO Gen 2 more than surpasses the expectations of studio and broadcast professionals, delivering superior performance, adaptability, and reliability. 

AGITO Commander 

The company will also present the new AGITO Commander. AGITO Commander represents a centralized software platform designed to control up to multiple AGITOs from a single command station. It operates in Trax or SkyTrax configurations and enables the synchronization of timelines, presets, and keyframes with GPIO triggers for studio animation. Additionally, it allows for the animation and recording of AGITO parameters on timelines for future replay, showcasing its versatility and potential for enhancing visual storytelling and creative expression. 


In parallel with these broadcast solutions, Motion Impossible proudly introduces AGITO Cine to the US market. Available for rent through its partners at CineMoves, AGITO Cine addresses a significant gap in the filmmaking landscape, offering a compelling alternative to conventional equipment like Technocrane, jibs, dollys, tracking vehicles, and Steadicam.  

Tailor-made for the demands of cinematic productions, AGITO Cine boasts a range of features that facilitate repeatable moves, support heavy payloads of up to 45kg (100lbs) at heights reaching 2ft (600mm), and enable dynamic low-to-ground shots. It’s also optimized for filming with 180-degree and 360-degree cameras and arrays, ensuring adaptability across diverse shooting scenarios, including virtual production.  

With a robust core, expanded wheelbase, and increased ground clearance, AGITO Cine has been meticulously engineered to handle heavier camera payloads of up to 150kg (330lbs) while maintaining the agility and versatility synonymous with the AGITO brand.  

The Showcase 

At NAB, AGITO Gen 2 will be showcased in two distinct setups: one configured in Sports mode, equipped with MagTrax and an ARRI 360 Evo head; and the other configured in Trax mode, under the control of Commander, featuring an Egripment 205/D head.  

MagTrax is a magnetic tracking strip that can be discreetly placed under surfaces. It works on both straight and curved paths, allowing smooth transitions between strips. This lets operators focus solely on the camera movement, while AGITO autonomously follows multiple pathways.  

AGITO Cine will be showcased with the AGITO Column for jib movements and a Matrix head provided by CineMoves, demonstrating its capabilities and compatibility with professional cinema setups.  

Continuous Innovation 

With an unwavering commitment to innovation, Motion Impossible continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in camera movement. Catch them at NAB Booth C5344 for more information. To arrange an interview with the team at the show, please contact Chelsea Fearnley at chelsea.fearnley@motion-impossible.com.