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The AGITO has been developed as the only fully modular dolly system capable of working both on track and free roaming. Combining AGITO Sports with our Tower or V-Con Pro and a remote head of your choice enables complete freedom of movement.

Perfect for use in the studio or on location, AGITO Sports offers a new way of moving a camera. With complete flexibility using our growing arsenal of modules and accessories. Easy operation not available with any other system!


AGITO Sports Feature List

  • Speeds of up to 27mph*
  • Four-wheel drive with independent adjustable suspension for all-terrain use
  • Encoded motor system for highly accurate movement
  • 4 steering modes, ‘2 wheel’, ‘4 wheel’, ‘Crab’ & ‘Dynamic’

*New systems are speed limited for safety, advanced training must be completed to fully unlock, for more information visit the Sports speed limits page.



AGITO MagTrax Logo

MagTrax enhances the existing Sports drive-ends enabling customers to follow a magnetic strip laid on a surface, underneath a carpet or embedded within a set. The magnetic strip can be arranged in various creative ways beyond what you can do with a regular track.

AGITO MagTrax enables a combination of curves and can move seamlessly from one strip to another. The AGITO will autonomously follow each path while freeing up camera movement control for single operator capability.

Discover MagTrax


With the rush to keep live productions on-air and shooting with a limited crew during the COVID-19 global shut down – AGITO can easily be configured to maintain social distancing in studios and on location.

The modular design of AGITO means that it can be transported and assembled on location with just one person. Use it to produce dynamic movement or simply to get the camera close to the action without putting your crew at risk.

AGITO is already being put to good use by our customers globally, contact us to find out how it could help your production.