The M-360 bundle contains everything you need to make your 360º/VR video come to life. Allowing you to move your virtual reality camera around, completely hiding in the blind-spot. The M-360 can move up to 6mph and has smooth slow-speed control. The also chassis has a full 4-wheel drive system making it equally at home going over outside terrain as it does inside.



V-Con XL
360˚ Evo
6×6 Kenyon Gyro
M-Series Flight Case
Accessories Case

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  • Typical runtimes of over 3 hrs*
  • Modular mounting rails to fit our range of stabilisers
  • Compact footprint (80cm x 54cm)
  • Quiet electric motor system
  • 4wd all-terrain vehicle
  • Tuneable chassis to suit different terrains and payloads
  • Comes ready to run with controller, batteries, charger, tools and tuning springs
  • Powered by high capacity Lithium Polymer batteries (IATA compliant, under 100Wh)

* Runtimes quoted are dependent on operating speed, payload and the amount of constant movement. Higher speeds, longer movements, and heavier payloads reduce overall runtimes.