NOVA – A new beginning

AGITO Firmware R5 is the biggest update we have ever done. Developed following extensive consultation with end-users, it’s been redesigned from the ground-up to make AGITO operation more intuitive for users. With a more ergonomic and streamlined user interface and powerful new features such as repeatable movements, it signals some of the important future directions we plan to take with AGITO’s ongoing development.

NOVA also provides us a robust platform to build on for the future, and we’re looking forward to adding some exciting new features in the coming year.

Interface Overhaul

A newly unified UI now includes a dark mode, the ability to quickly switch between Sports, Trax and Repeatable Moves modes quickly, additional control mapping, enhanced Tower controls in both Sports & Trax, and advanced steering modes including steering hold for the perfect circle without track.

More features than ever




NEW With version 5.2

MagTrax Drive Mode

Following with the release of the new MagTrax sensors, a new drive mode has been added to the home screen that includes all the displays, settings and controls needed for operating. System settings can still be found on the home sceen by scrolling down.

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Download NOVA 5.2