AGITO vs Lana Del Rey

With People magazine lauding her as the epitome of ‘dreamy moto cool girl queen’, a question emerged: was this praise aimed at Lana del Rey’s iconic Coachella entrance, or perhaps at the AGITO that accompanied her?

AGITO played a crucial role in the famed motorcycle shot, where the ‘Summertime Sadness’ singer, perched atop a Ryvid Anthem and surrounded by dancers and stunt performers, made her way to the mainstage. Unlike static cameras, which are limited by their immobility, AGITO’s free-roaming design allowed it to smoothly cover a two-and-a-half-minute run at a leisurely 6 miles per hour. Though the speed may seem modest, the task required precise, fluid, and continuous tracking – a challenge AGITO flawlessly met.

Alan Lennox, the skilled camera operator on the job, highlights the necessity of AGITO for complete coverage, emphasizing its versatility and cost-effectiveness over coordinating multiple cameras. “Setting up numerous stationary cameras would have been time-consuming, expensive, and logistically complex. The dynamic nature of the shot, which required smooth tracking over uneven terrain, made AGITO the ideal choice. Its ability to roam freely and capture every angle ensured that Lana’s Coachella entrance was not just filmed but cinematically celebrated.”

Drawing on his expertise as both a Steadicam and AGITO operator, Lennox further articulates why AGITO emerged as the preferred tool. “Although Steadicams are excellent at stabilizing shots and allowing operators freedom of movement, they have limitations in covering extensive distances while keeping pace with moving subjects. AGITO, on the other hand, offers dynamic maneuverability and precise speed control, essential for capturing Lana’s procession, where a leisurely yet continuous tempo was required to maintain cinematic effect.”

He notes that, “AGITO isn’t just efficient, it’s creative.”

AGITO, crafted by camera operators for camera operators, embodies our ongoing commitment to innovation and creative expression. We’re grateful to Alan Lenox for his contributions and to Vis-A-Vis Video Ltd for supplying AGITO for Lana del Rey’s Coachella performance. AGITO’s presence underscores our dedication to evolving cinematography, empowering filmmakers to push the boundaries of what’s possible and capture unforgettable moments.

And a special shoutout to Randy Nolen S.O.C. CEO / ROVECAM Cine Inc., who’s AGITO filmed the mainstage in Trax mode, showcasing the system’s versatility beyond just free-roaming.