The Future of Movement

Motion Impossible believe in making camera movement effortless.
Putting the power of robotics into the hands of creatives.

The AGITO and M-SERIES dolly systems have been made with modularity at their core to maximise the potential of your creativity. Combine it with your favourite camera and gimbal and you’re ready for action!

Introducing AGITO Air, The sky IS the limit!
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With the AGITO, the opportunities are endless for filming drama and feature films, sport and events, and documentaries/natural history – in fact any scenario where there is a need to become “immersed” within the action and to create footage from a different and more intriguing perspective.
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The original M-SERIES by Motion Impossible is a remote dolly system. It combines with your camera and gimbal to create the ultimate tool for remotely moving and stabilising your camera.
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You can kit out each system with a load of great accessories.
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  • Working on the set of Lego masters the Agito is the tool for some special shots. We can easily drive around in the set without the need of rails. Making smooth moves in a blink of an eye!

    - Bas Thijssen - NEP NL
  • The M-360 is a quintessential tool for 360 filmmakers. After years of development in the community, Motion Impossible created a moving platform taking care of the necessary 5-axis stabilisation.

    - Joergen Geerds - CEO of Koncept VR
  • The M-Series and the stabilised locomotion it offers is by far the most important advancement in cinematic VR content creation to date. I’ve used it on every production since the first time we got our hands on it. Additionally, Motion Impossible’s attention to detail on these tools - working to really thoughtfully consider all of the needs of professional filmmakers blazing new ground in the VR space - makes them one of the best partners we have. Love you guys!

    - Jeff Nicholas - Creative Director, Live Nation
  • One of the main aspects of bringing creative visions to life has always been about dynamic ways to move cameras. In creating content today we work in high speed, VR/360 and large image formats. Motion Impossible allows us to adapt to different shooting scenarios needing unique camera movement and stabilisation

    - Jim Geduldick - Cinematographer, Director Wairua Studios | Labs
  • In a growing number of projects, especially where we are filming a POV experience, the ability to move the Jaunt ONE VR camera smoothly and safely is a must. Motion Impossible has worked collaboratively with Jaunt to ensure the best possible results with their rigs and I'm happy to be a regular partner of theirs.

    - Dominic Collins - General Manager, Jaunt VR
  • Their expertise in stabilisation and robotics puts Motion Impossible at the leading edge of camera support in the modern age. As cinematographers and storytellers, we are always using the best tools at hand to express emotion visually. I have taken the M-Series all over the world and it is a secret weapon that I consistently rely on for projects immersive and traditional.

    - Andrew Shulkind
  • We were very impressed with the control, agility and performance of both the M-Series and its operating crew. The tight spaces and sensitive environments we had to work in proved a challenge the M-Series was very capable of handling.

    - UEFA