AGITO Column

Heavyweight Vertical Rising Column for AGITO.

Part of the AGITO Modular Dolly System
Part Code: AG-111
1x AGITO Column
1x QR Mounting Plate
1x AGITO Column Baseplate
1x AGITO Tower Ctrl Cable
1x 2-Pin 48V Power Cable
  • Virtually silent operation
  • Weighs 20kg (44lbs)
  • 45kg (100lbs) Max Payload
  • 600mm (2ft) Stroke Length
  • 160mm/s (0.5ft/s) max vertical speed, with precise speed & damping control
  • Controlled natively through the AGITO
  • Low power consumption when idle
  • 2x Power & 1x Ethernet Passthrough Cabling
  • Can be used both over & underslung
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A heavyweight version of the AGITO Tower, the AGITO Column is designed for use on all AGITO configurations. Able to take a payload up to 45kg (100lb) and unlike the AGITO Tower it can be also used underslung with AGITO SkyTrax configurations as well as lifting underslung payloads.

Designed for heavier payloads up to 45kg with no need for gas-struts.

The more rigid construction allows for the usage of non-stabilized 2-Axis heads on AGITO Trax & SkyTrax, as well as being able to undersling lighter gimbals on AGITO Sports & MagTrax to get the camera super low to the ground.

The Column’s virtually silent drivetrain provides the ability to move cameras vertically in noise-sensitive environments such as studios.


Additional Components Required:

  • AGITO PSU (Or other 48V DC Supply)
  • Ethernet Passthrough Cable Pair
  • Power Passthrough Cable Pair (multiple versions available)