SHOT ON AGITO – “The Gateway to the Stars”

AGITO Capturing Space History

The AGITO helped capture the first human launch from the USA since the space shuttle program ended over 9 years ago, and a new era of space travel needs a new way of capturing the journey. MTJibs were tasked by NASA to bring a new perspective to the historic moment where the astronauts leave the ‘Suit-up’ room and say their final farewells to their friends and families before heading towards the launchpad.

Known as “The Gateway to the Stars” it was previously only covered by a tripod or handheld and didn’t quite capture the drama of the moment to its fullest potential. This time, however, MTJibs brought along their AGITO Trax and SHOTOVER G1 and built a 72ft elevated track, allowing them to get speed and capture fantastic tracking shots of the moment in a brand new dynamic way.

Check out the video below to find out more!


Why the AGITO?

The AGITO is unlike any other dolly. The modular system allows flexibility like never before.

But don’t just take our word for it, hear from AGITO owners MTJibs on why they bought their system.

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AGITO offers multiple configurations to suit your filming needs, it’s a swiss army knife for film-makers. When you add the Trax to the AGITO Core, your system becomes a remotely operated track dolly that is ideal for use in studios or venues where the safety of a pre-set path is required. The compact and low profile design means the camera becomes as invisible as possible in the environment.


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