When AGITO becomes part of the Elite Drone Squad!

AGITO teams with DroneGear for an exclusive publicity stunt for Amazon Prime!

This month saw the release of Amazon Primes new movie ‘Without Remorse’, a Tom Clancy adaptation, Staring Michael B Jordan. With the lack of red carpet openings and the usual public engagements to celebrate the release of a big movie because of COVID restrictions, Amazon Prime had to think outside the box.


They enlisted the help of DroneGear, a specialist team of professional aerial cinematographers, for what was to be a spectacular publicity stunt, highlighting the release of Without Remorse in style. The premise was to do a global drone drop of packages to an array of celebrities and influencers, packed with all sorts of goodies to get them ‘Mission Ready’ for the movie’s release. This was no easy feat and required the co-operation of a huge team of people from all over the world, with the slick logistical organisation worthy of a real military mission!

However, Alex Kavanagh, the mastermind behind the stunt and owner of DroneGear, quickly realised that with drone restrictions in some of their key areas this meant they had to look for an alternative, enter AGITO becoming part of the Elite Drone Squad. Alex talked with our own Rob Drewett who organised worldwide AGITO operators to join in on this epic stunt and deliver to all the places that no drone could go. To be able to deliver the individual packages AGITO needed a custom-built bracket designed, built and delivered to all the AGITO crews taking part.

Not one to shy away from a challenge the MI team got it done in record time, did we mention we had to pull this off in a week?!


After days and nights of R&D, planning and organising, the two days of delivery’s went without a hitch. In total there were 100 drone drops in 10 different countries, AGITO dropping from LA to Sydney and everywhere in between! This was a far cry from AGITO’s normal “job” but is just goes to show that it really is one system with endless possibilities. We were really proud to be able to help on this project and team up with DroneGear.

Mission accomplished



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