Fort Laurderdale-based camera support company handles social distancing and artistry with style.

Michael Taylor, owner of MTJIBS, had been searching for a new system to add to their arsenal of filming solutions, but were coming up short until he found MI’s AGITO modular dolly system. “I saw the AGITO operate and was really impressed. AGITO delivered versatility both on and off the track – it could do everything we needed to and more…. Wirelessly!” 

Taylor ultimately acquired an AGITO COMPLETE system, which provides both traditional rail and multi terrain operation, with the AGITO Tower that gives the 700mm of lift.

“As soon as we received the AGITO remote dolly system, the pandemic shutdown kicked in, but this worked to our advantage, as the system is wireless and provides social distancing by design”


“The Gateway to the Stars”

MTJIBS first job with AGITO was for NASA at the launch of the SpaceX Crew, Dragon Demo 2 – the AGITO was there to help capture the first human launch from the USA since the space shuttle program ended over 9 years ago, and a new era of space travel needs a new way of capturing the journey.

MTJIBS would be responsible for bringing a new perspective to the historic moment where the astronauts leave the ‘suit up’ room, the famous Neil Armstrong Operations and Checkout building and say a final farewell to their family and friends before heading towards the launchpad. The walk out and entering of the transport vehicles are shots known the world over, spanning the Gemini, Apollo, Skylab and Space Shuttle eras.

Previously “The gateway to the stars” was covered using tripods and handheld cameras, never quite managing to encapsulate the magic and drama of the moment to its fullest. By using the AGITO paired with the SHOTOVER G1 on a custom built 72ft elevated track, they were able to create movement and speed, producing fantastic tracking shots of the moment in a brand-new way.

“Lights, Camera, Action”

MTJIBS next events would be a variety of awards programs, including the Billboard Latin Music awards and the 21st Annual Latin Grammy@ Awards. With producers always looking for creative ways to capture their presentations, the team had the perfect tool in AGITO.

“Directors are getting creative with COVID 19 precautions, All new sets are being designed with the goal of protecting the talent but it still has to be a visually exciting show” said Mercado. “Directors really like AGITO as it gives them a huge amount of creative flexibility without compromising the social distancing” One director even claiming AGITO “the Star of the Show!”

The Latin Music awards in particular had a complicated set design but by using AGITO Mercado was able to capture shots from every stage and still be able to turn inwards for the presenter, maintaining social distancing and contributing to the safety and the success of the show.

Taylor doesn’t see production going back to pre-pandemic ways “we’ve learned new techniques and new technologies. It’s one of the reasons we bought the AGITO in the first place. Everything is just going to go that way and we are prepared for the future.”

“We love what’s in store for AGITO,” said Mercardo “Motion Impossible is always developing new technology for the future, for us the AGITO is helping to grow our company and open up new markets!”

“When our AGITO owners Succeed, we succeed” said Rob Drewett CEO and co-founder of MI.



AGITO offers multiple configurations to suit your filming needs, it’s a swiss army knife for film-makers. When you add the Trax to the AGITO Core, your system becomes a remotely operated track dolly that is ideal for use in studios or venues where the safety of a pre-set path is required. The compact and low profile design means the camera becomes as invisible as possible in the environment.


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