AGITO showcases the United Arab Emirates 50th Anniversary

The end of 2021 saw the celebration of the UAE’s golden jubilee, nation-wide celebrations of the UAE leadership’s vision and achievements, as well as its boundless ambitions for the next 50 years. For the filming of such a celebration, Eurogrip, one of Europe’s largest suppliers of specialist camera equipment, was brought on board to capture the event. Along with the team, came two AGITO’s, their modular dolly system of choice.

A raft of strict safety and security measures were predominant at the event, resulting from the attendance of many high-profile guests, including the seven Sheikhs of the United Arab Emirates, making the AGITO the best suited piece of equipment to film with because of its remote capabilities. This allowed the camera operator to remain offsite in a compound one kilometre away.

One kilometre pushes the boundaries of remote operation. Long ethernet & fibre connections were set up, as well as a Silvus radio link, in order to control the two AGITOs and the remote cameras around the stage.

The shoot was further complicated by taking place on top of a grandstand. The ability to break down the AGITO and its tracks into smaller, portable parts was an essential asset to the successful completion of the project, as all equipment had to be carried by hand up a series of ladders to the top of the structure.

The flexibility of the AGITO allowed the team to ensure that the track set up for the event was as accurate as possible.

“When you’re putting down flexible track, it’s never going to be completely accurate width-wise as opposed to your typical aluminium track, so for us to be able to adjust the track width on the fly was amazing,” comments AGITO specialist Alex Harrison.

All in all, it was the AGITO’s high tech systems, flexibility, and customisable features which allowed it to prove itself as the perfect tool for the job, providing outstanding results while being operated from a kilometre away in even the most restrictive and logistically challenging scenarios.




AGITO offers multiple configurations to suit your filming needs, it’s a swiss army knife for film-makers. When you add the Trax to the AGITO Core, your system becomes a remotely operated track dolly that is ideal for use in studios or venues where the safety of a pre-set path is required. The compact and low profile design means the camera becomes as invisible as possible in the environment.


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