LEGO – ‘Drive What You Love’ Commercial

Getting Down Low

The team at ‘Highly Unlikely’ were faced with a problem with how they could shoot the live-action plates for an upcoming commercial featuring a new range of Lego vehicles. They had the great idea of showing a race through a family house, mixing between live action cars and the Lego variants. They needed to get a camera low enough and smooth enough for the back plates for them to overlay VFX and other live action footage onto.

For this AGITO came to the rescue, we created a unique rig with Camera Revolution and the DoP, Jordan Buck, managing to mount a full size Libra head in ‘Matrix’ mode onto the AGITO and combine it with an ARRI Alexa Mini and a snorkel lens. This resulted in a lens height of only a couple of centimetres, perfect for what they needed. The AGITO was small and nimble enough to fit in the tight spaces of the house, and could keep the smooth constant speeds that they needed.

Check out the final product below!


Two systems in one day

But not only was AGITO Sports used to get the seriously low angle. The crew were able to quickly change between Sports and Trax drive ends in order to get a shot just millimetres above a kitchen worktop.

Using the track gave the AGITO a solid platform to run along, making the lens position solid to get it as close as possible to the worktop without hitting and scratching it.

The AGITO Tower was also used here to change the height of the camera during the shots, giving the camera a mini-helicopter feel to it.

The changeover between two setups was so quick that not only were they able to swap from Sports mode to Trax with ease, but were able to swap back to Sports again after, enabling them to finish the entire shoot in just one day.


AGITO offers multiple configurations to suit your filming needs, it’s a swiss army knife for film-makers. When fitted with Sports ends your AGITO becomes the world’s first multi-terrain robotic dolly system. Whilst it’s ideal for filming sports, this set up is perfect for all types of film making. With four-wheel drive, adjustable suspension and top speeds of 32 mph, it can revolutionise any production.


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