23 Mar 2022

MagTrax Arrives

Let’s talk about MagTrax!

Introducing the newest way to control AGITO, allowing productions to move cameras in a new way on invisible track. We all want “the best of both world’s”? Creative freedom with precise, repeatable, safe movement together with control? MagTrax is the answer!⁠

⁠After listening to your feedback, the R&D team have been working their magic developing a revolutionary system. Changing how you can reliably follow predetermined paths.

MagTrax is an enhancement to the existing Sports drive-ends. It Enables the operator to follow a magnetic strip. This can be laid on a surface, underneath a carpet or embedded within a set. Allowing productions to move cameras in a new way, on invisible track. The sensor bar detects the magnetic strip under most non-metallic surfaces guaranteeing the trajectory of AGITO.

Imagine turning up to your location, rolling out a reel of magnetic tape. Quickly and easily positioning it into the required shape and you’re away. Making it customisable to any filming scenario. With the result that AGITO will autonomously follow the path leaving the operator free to concentrate on the camera movement.

As well as automatically following this strip you can seamlessly move from one path to another. Therefore giving you free-roaming capabilities, guaranteed repeatable movement and complete speed control. Transforming the way you can film countless different productions from studio, sports broadcast, live events, rapid turn-around and film.

Already proven at the Oscars!

JitaCam used our MagTrax system to capture all the glitz and glamour of the world’s biggest awards show! It was the primary camera slap-bang in the middle of all the action!

Given that MagTrax was imbedded in arguably one of the best seats in the house, you could be forgiven for feeling like you were sitting front and centre, anticipating an award yourself. What better place for MagTrax’s maiden Voyage than the iconic Dolby Theatre. With the magnetic strip placed underneath the carpet, the system was able to remain fairly inconspicuous, even though it was right there in the thick of the action.

John Pry of JitaCam said “Using AGITO MagTrax at the 94th Oscars allowed the team to effortlessly transition along the stage for some amazing shots. All while concealing the track under the carpet. All of the Oscar winners were able to cross our path without even knowing it was there. It was both production and set design friendly, never distracting the eye with unsightly track”

Traditionally awards shows position their cameras a fair distance from the stage. This requires a certain amount of zooming in to capture the intensity of emotions. However that comes with its own challenges. Managing camera shake and smooth transitions being some. Notwithstanding the fact the audience simply feels further away from the action. With MagTrax positioned close to the stage it allowed the broadcasters a unique take on close-up shots.

News cast studio put it perfectly “That’s where a robotic unit several feet, rather than multiple yards away from the presenters can make an impact on the broadcast visually. The difference is striking, the shots felt immersive, quite literally bringing viewers closer to the action.”

In Summary:

Our main aim always is to give our customers and operators the freedom and creativity to bring their shots to life. In the most effective way possible, with little restrictions. MagTrax is the perfect addition to AGITO, already proving its worth at the most famous show on earth.

MagTrax can expand your creativity and independence beyond the limitations of physical track.