29 Sep 2022

IBC 2022

All the gear at IBC!

As always IBC was a vibrant and busy show, jammed with the very best in camera movement technology. Providing us with the perfect platform to showcase our newest additions to AGITO.

It’s always a great pleasure to be able to share the success and innovative solutions our clever team back at MI HQ have been beavering away at during these kinds of events. This year we were able to bring SkyTrax and MagTrax to IBC. Two of our newest drive-ends transforming the camera movement industry.

IBC was the perfect place to give attendees a sneak preview of the SkyTax rail solution. With this system, you can now transform your AGITO to be airborne and carry underslung camera payloads of up to 100kg. Combine that with AGITO Column, that can also be inverted, and you have endless ways to get creative with AGITO. Our other addition to the AGITO family on show was MagTrax and it certainly turned a few heads. With its innovative magnetic strip track hidden under the carpet, rendering it invisible. We were able to demonstrate the simplicity and flexibility of exactly how you would use this track system on set. Displaying a little bit of MagTrax Magic.

IBC as always was a fantastic show and it was really great to meet so many new faces and catch up with old ones. Thanks for Joining us, see you at IBC 2023!