11 Sep 2018

Introducing M-Series + 30-Day Flash Sale

To mark the upcoming release of the M-Pro, we will be relaunching our much-loved Mantis range as the M-Series. The M-Series brings all ranges under one umbrella, whilst offering an exciting new upgrade plan for our existing customers. The range will include the M-Studio, great for slower speeds associated with VR/360 filming and the M-Freestyle, ideal for high speed all-terrain filming. In addition to this will be the M-Custom, offering the best of both worlds with speeds 20mph.


To celebrate the M-Series range we will be offering 10% off all M-Studio, M-Freestyle and M-Custom chassis, for a strictly limited 30 Day Flash-Sale. Not only will you receive 10% off your initial chassis, but you will be eligible for a further 10% discount to upgrade your system to the M-Pro when it launches in November.


We’ve combined elements of the same proven chassis of the M-Series with what we’ve learned developing the Agito. This means the M-Pro now delivers accurate control over the full speed range up to 30mph. It uses the same encoded motor system as the Agito and combines with the Master hand controller for intuitive and accurate control.

It doesn’t stop there, we’re constantly working on further upgrades for the M-Pro, ensuring you can always shoot stunning footage whether you’re filming VR, sports, commercials, music videos or feature films.

This exclusive offer is valid from today but must end Wednesday 10th October. For more specs and pricing please visit our website:


To redeem this offer please get in touch via email, sales@motion-impossible.com

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