14 Sep 2018

This Is Not A Drill: AGITO Launches December 2018

It’s finally here! The much-awaited Agito robotic dolly system will go on general sale from December 2018.

The eagerly anticipated modular Agito system means you can build the perfect camera movement tool for your application. The Agito is a free-moving robotic dolly system that provides recordable, repeatable and accurate movement of cameras over many different terrains. With interchangeable drive-ends the Agito really is the Swiss army knife of film-making.

At the heart of the system is the Agito Core, it is the first element you need to begin creating your ideal robotic movement tool and provides power distribution, communications and the standard mounting rails for carrying any one of our range of camera mounts.


The tower takes the Agito to new heights, bringing jib movement to the existing system. Take your system the next level with a stroke of 70cm and create all-new perspectives. The Agito Tower carries a payload of up to 35kg and can achieve speeds of up to 200mm per second. It can be remotely controlled by our Master Controller or by our brand new foot pedals.


With the Agito there is the option to add different drive-ends, Sports or Trax (pictured above). When adding the Trax drive-ends to your Agito Core system, it can adjust to any existing track gauge between 300 – 400mm.  Split wheels for silent operation and running speeds of 6m/s ensure it is perfect for studio work or in places where track is essential.


When fitted with the sports drive-ends, your Agito becomes Agito Sports (pictured above) –the world’s first multi-terrain robotic dolly system. With four-wheel drive adjustable suspension and top speeds of 35 mph it’s not only ideal for sports but for capturing all kinds of cinematic action.


This amazing but simple solution for making your Agito trackless will give you the ability to make path finding moves. MagTrax is an additional accessory for your Agito allowing the system to follow a magnetic path. This means that the Agito can run on a virtual track, safely without the logistics of laying physical track – saving you precious set-up time.

Included with your Agito system is the Master Controller, allowing you to pre-set your speed, acceleration and steering controls. The Master also features auxiliary imports for future expansion and is powered by a standard V-Lock battery.

The Agito will be on general sale for £34,995 + VAT

Please direct any enquiries to: sales@motion-impossible.com

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