AGITO RF Module Enclosure

For AGITO Modular Dolly System
Part Code: AG-RF-608


  • RF Module Enclosure
  • RS232 Data Comms Cable for Hub-Box
  • 12V RF Module PSU
  • 9V Hub-Box PSU
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The RF Module Enclosure is a new accessory for the AGITO Hub. It enables a third RF Module to create a wireless network between the AGITO Core, Master Controller and Hub. The RF Module Enclosure removes the need for the Master and Hub hardwire connection increasing the ease of operation for the AGITO and Camera Operators with use of the AGITO Tower.

When using AGITO Sports, the AGITO Operator often needs to maintain a direct line of sight with the system to enable safe operation. Direct line of sight often requires the AGITO Operator to be free to move around a set. When using the Tower, it is common for the Camera Operator to adjust the height using the Pedals connected to the Hub. With the RF Module Enclosure, fitted with a 3rd RF Module (of the same frequency as those already supplied with the AGITO, i.e. 2.4GHz, 900MHz, 869MHz) and enabling Point to Multi-point (P2MP) mode in AGITO OS 5.1+, the camera operator can now operate Pedals via a wireless Hub.

  • Enables Point-To-MultiPoint RF
  • Move Tower control to a separate station via the Hub Box and Pedals, Free from the Master Controller.
Additional Components Required:

  • 3rd RF Module matched to your pre-existing module pair.
  • AGITO Hub-Box