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Introducing AGITO PSU, this optional unit provides users of the AGITO Trax with a dedicated combined 48v, 24v and 12v DC power supply. The PSU has two outputs of each voltage to run third party camera systems such as the Shotover G1, Arri SRH-3 and any other accessories they desire. It has been designed to run silently with a built in heat sink, but also incorporates an internal fan which will aid cooling if required.

The system will be able to provide the following outputs:

  • 2x 48Vdc via 2-pin Lemo
  • 2x 24Vdc via 3-pin XLR
  • 2x 12Vdc via 4-pin XLR
  • 1x Mains power pass-through via Neutrik PowerCon

Included with the AGITO PSU is an AGITO Battery Adaptor with Lemo connection cable and a Neutrik PowerCon mains connector, allowing the user to make a power cable suitable for their own needs. Shown above with optional cheese-plate.


Input voltage and Peak Current:

Combined peak output current:  

200-240Vac / 13.6A


110-120Vac / 13.6A





Output Voltage:

Circuit Current Limit (240V):

Circuit Current Limit (110V):

12V DC


5A (Recommended)

24V DC


5A (Recomended)

48V DC


16A (Recommended)

Note: The 24Vdc and 12Vdc outputs are stepped down from the main 48Vdc circuit, these outputs each have a combined limit of 12A, therefore it is possible to use 24A of the available 48Vdc current. Users working in a 110-120Vac environment will need to ensure the 24Vdc and 12Vdc circuits are not overloaded. AGITO Trax under normal conditions requires a constant 8A.