M-Series is the base chassis for your remote dolly system.  It is the first element of the modular system, it has a standardised mounting rail which allows you to attach a range of different stabilisers for mounting your camera and gimbal setup.

The M-Studio is the slow speed dolly like version, perfect for higher level shots.

The chassis has been further upgraded making it a more robust platform, to cope with a higher payload.

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The M-Studio version is comprised of  the same compact 4wd, all terrain vehicle as the freestyle, but with some important upgrades:

  • Slow speed motor system which delivers slow smooth controllable movement between 0.1 and 6mph
  • Reduced noise transmission with a partially belt driven set up
  • Wider foot print for added stability
  • Metal suspension components to improve the robustness of the chassis
  • More rigid bodyshell for mounting extra equipment on board.

The M-Studio is best suited for use with either the low level V-Con, or the high level V-Con XL.  With the high level V-Con XL stabiliser fitted, it creates a trackless dolly system, great for eye level shooting, smooth tracking shots or even more agile shooting up to 6mph (fast jogging pace).

It’s compact footprint, remote operation and a fast set up time means you can create on the spot shots, or drive your camera in to difficult filming areas.

When combined with your remotely operated gimbal (Movi or Ronin supported currently, others available by special request), this system provides the ultimate stabilised movement system for remotely operating your camera.


  • M-Freestyle
  • Battery charger
  • 1 x M-Series battery
  • M-Series controller
  • Tools