26 Nov 2018

M-Pro Launch 2019 & Black Friday Sale

On the 28th January 2019 we will be shipping the new M-Pro system. We’ve listened to your feedback and have squeezed every possible feature into the M-Pro. This ranges from powerful encoded motors to repeatable moves.
The key upgrade to the M-Series is the Master Controller. Incorporating the familiarity of a console “joypad” a whole range of intelligent new features are at your fingertips. With a slick, professional interface the Master Controller raises your system to the next level.

The M-Pro will retail at £12,995 and the package includes:

        • M-Pro Chassis
        • Master Controller
        • x2 Batteries & Charger
        • Custom Foam Flight Case
        • Tool Kit



      Starting today and running until Friday 30th November, you can have 10% off our brand new M-Pro chassis. We will also be offering a 10% discount on the full range of M-Series chassis, including the M-Freestyle and the M-Studio.


      “But what if I already own an M-Series model?”

      Simply send us your existing M-Series system and we will convert it to an M-Pro.

      Alongside our Black Friday discounts, we will be offering 5% off for current owners who would like to take advantage of our exciting new upgrade plan. The upgrade plan includes: the Master Controller, encoded motor, speed controller and the new M-Pro shell. In addition to this, your system will receive a free service.

      The M-Pro upgrade will retail at £7,995.

      Please direct any enquiries to sales@motion-impossible.com