Studio Mantis

The Studio Mantis is the base vehicle that you’ll need for slower speeds up to 6mph. With smooth slow speed control, it’s ideally suited to studio conditions, however the Studio is also a 4×4 all terrain chassis and therefore equally at home for outside location filming.

£5,100.00 + VAT
Features Finance


Features include:

  • Suits high level V-Con XL & 360˚ EVO
  • Typical runtimes of over 3 hrs*
  • Modular mounting rails to fit our range of stabilisers
  • Compact footprint (80cm x 54cm)
  • Quiet electric motor system
  • 4wd all-terrain vehicle
  • Tuneable chassis to suit different terrains and payloads
  • Comes ready to run with controller, batteries, charger, tools and tuning springs
  • Powered by high capacity Lithium Polymer batteries (IATA compliant, under 100Wh)

* Runtimes quoted are dependent on operating speed, payload and the amount of constant movement. Higher speeds, longer movements, and heavier payloads reduce overall runtimes.