The Master is the all new intuitive and ergonomically designed hand held controller for your Agito.  Created following extensive filming experience to provide the operator with a fully tailored interface to operate your robotic dolly, it is the key to all the new functionality of the Agito control system.

Included with the Agito

Features Finance


Features include:

  • Ergonomic hand held controller with fine tuneable speed and steering limits, simply dial in the movement you need.
  • Record, store and replay multiple movements.
  • “Adaptive steering” limits your steering lock as the speed increases, giving you safe and stable operation at high speeds
  • 3.5″ full colour LCD
  • “Film mode” applies a range of limits to speed, acceleration, deceleration, steering lock and steering speed, allowing you to dial in and accurately and quickly adjust the type of movement you need
  • “Free mode” removes all the limiters, and gives you a quick and easy way to maneuver your Agito between takes, or full freedom to drive completely manually if that is the style of shot required.
  • Powered by a standard V-Lock battery, with D-Tap outputs allowing you to power accessories
  • Features a long range wireless link, with the option to upgrade to secure licence band control allowing reliable operation in most environments
  • Hard mounting points for monitor, RF video link and tripod mounting
  • Composited of carbon fibre and aluminium to provide a light weight but robust controller.