The Agito is the base chassis of your robotic dolly system, when combined with our range of stabilisers it gives you access to the greatest variety of filming environments and possibilities.  The all new purpose built chassis provides a robust and reliable film making tool, with a feature set that has been optimised by extensive filming experience.

Features Finance


Features include:

  • Reaches speeds of up to 35pmh, enabling you to film fast moving subjects whilst fully stabilised
  • Modular mounting rails for quick fitting any of our optional stabilisers
  • Record, store and replay multiple moves to provide precision and repeatability to your shots
  • Two wheel, Four wheel and crab steering (drift), offering creative movement styles and excellent manoeuvrability
  • 4wd transmission for high traction and smooth control on all terrains
  • Interchangeable wheels allow you to run on open ground of varying terrains or on standard 24″/62cm track
  • Supports payloads of 32kgs / 72 lbs
  • Cheeseplate on the rear of the chassis for carrying extra equipment, such as sound equipment, camera batteries, etc
  • Powered by 2 x 48v high capacity Lithium Ion batteries (under 100Wh for transporting in hand luggage)
  • Controlled by the Master giving you settings to limit speed, acceleration/deceleration/steering
  • Interchangeable radio modules* giving you access to different frequencies and licensed band operation
  • 12v XLR connectors for powering external device.
  • Connectivity for adding future optional accessories and system upgrades
  • Chassis quickly disassembles for transporting in 2 Peli cases
  • Chassis dimensions 96cm long x 61cm wide (without wheels)

*Alternative RF modules are optional extras and not included with your Agito as standard.