When fitted with Sports ends your Agito becomes the world’s first multi-terrain robotic dolly system.

Whilst it’s ideal for filming sports, this set up is perfect for all types of film making. With four-wheel drive adjustable suspension and top speeds of 35 mph, it gives you the ability to work on any production from feature films to broadcast or even virtual reality.

But the story doesn’t stop there! With built in expandability, your agito is the key to unlocking a wide range of future attachments, intelligence and new filming possibilities.

Features Finance


• Speeds of up to 35mph, depending on your choice of wheels

• Four wheel drive with independent adjustable suspension for all terrain use

• Encoded motor system for highly accurate movement

• Can run on standard 24″ track when fitted with track wheels

• 3 steering modes, ‘2 wheel’, ‘4 wheel’ and Crab