The modaularity of AGITO is endless, but for now we’re keeping our feet firmly on the ground and focusing on what we do best.

Motion Impossible have always aimed at making unbelievable camera movement possible, but whilst AGITO Air is science fiction our AGITO Sports and Trax systems have pushed creativity to the max.

During these unprecidented times we have seen that lots of events have been cancelled, films have halted  & TV productions have struggled to keep going. Obviously this has had a huge impact on the industry. We have all been active in this industry for a long time, so we know where you are and we are here to support you.

Scroll down to see how our customers are already pushing the boundaries on the ground, using the AGITO in innovative ways for remote production.



Unfortunately the AGITO is built to be rigid and weighty to keep a low centre of gravity on the ground with heavy payloads, so raising it in the air with drone drive-ends such as these, are not feasable and there are already many other amazing companies out there making drones.

For now our feet are firmly on the ground.


We hope that this gave you a little bit of entertainment and a smile on your face in these trying times.




With the rush to keep live productions on-air and shooting with a limited crew during the COVID-19 global shut down – AGITO can easily be configured to maintain social distancing in studios and on location.

The modular design of AGITO means that it can be transported and assembled on location with just one person. Use it to produce dynamic movement or simply to get the camera close to the action without putting your crew at risk.

AGITO is already being put to good use by our customers globally, contact us to find out how it could help your production.




Secure your AGITO with only a 10% deposit & mention ‘AGITO Air’ for a 10% discount!

One thing we are hearing is that once the lockdowns are lifted and it’s safe for productions to start up again, there will be a huge demand for new content.

We also know that for facility providers, now is going to be an extremely hard time to justify any expenditure… That’s why we want to help you be ready for when productions begin shooting again.

We have introduced a new way to ease the purchase of an AGITO, reducing the upfront deposit costs of placing an order, to make it easier for you to add an AGITO to your inventory. With our special offer available now and for the next three months:

– Provide us with a signed Purchase Order
– Mention ‘AGITO Air’ for a 10% discount
– Pay a reduced 10% deposit to confirm the order

– Nothing else to pay until you are ready to take delivery*

This means that you have the opportunity to get a head start and absorb the current three-month lead-time on AGITO purchases with minimal financial outlay.

*our standard T&C’s apply

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Look at what the AGITO can do even during trying times such as these, providing the ability for remote production, giving the ability to move a camera in close to someone while keeping the social seperation to esure the safetly of the crew.




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