360 Evo Pro

The 360° Evo is the worlds first 360° camera stabiliser, the Pro version is designed to take larger payloads.

The 360º Evo Pro sits almost invisibly in the 360° spherical image. It utilises gyro stabilisation to eliminate roll, tilt and vibration. It is easily adjustable for the balance and payload of all 360˚ cameras up to 18kg in weight. The quick release height adjustment of the V-Con XL Pro means the camera can quickly and easily be set to your required filming height.

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Features Finance


Features include:

  • 2 axis gimbal
  • Quick and easy balancing using a simple (Steadicam style) drop test
  • 2 axis sliding plate and built in levelling bubble for fine tuning of the horizon
  • Lightweight rugged aluminium and carbon fibre design
  • Requires a Kenyon gyro. We offer a modified Kenyon Gyro kit specifically for use with the 360˚ Evo Pro.