robotic dolly system

Whilst the M-Series has already made its mark within the VR/360° market, Motion Impossible has made it it’s mission to continue the development of the product for the broadcast market.

This has culminated in the launch of Agito – a robotic dolly system that can make recordable moves on the ground. With interchangeable wheels for use either on track or off-road with all the stabilisation you will ever need, the Agito offers even more options for filming.

With the Agito, the opportunities are endless for filming drama and feature films, sport and events, and documentaries/natural history – in fact any scenario where there is a need to become “immersed” within the action and to create footage from a different and more intriguing perspective.

The practical benefits of Agito are to move and stabilise your camera without safety risk, whilst also minimising on set up times, which can of course save time and money during the production process.

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