Sphere Cage kit


The Sphere Cage kit is an upgrade to the Evo 360 stabiliser



The Sphere Cage kit is an upgrade to the Evo 360 stabiliser on the M-360. It allows you to fit the Sphere Cage to your M-360 without affecting the camera height, and also comes with a specially designed lightweight and flexible USB cable so you can power the 4 x GoPro’s from the M-Studio V-Lock plates. 

The Sphere Cage is a GoPro* camera mount that works seamlessly with the Teradek Sphere to create a monitoring system for 360/VR cameras that don’t allow you to see what you’re filming live.

Attach the Sphere Cage directly under your VR/360 camera like an OZO, GoPro Odyssey or Jaunt one and show your client and director a live stitched 360 video from the closest possible angle to the one you are filming.  Just place four GoPro Hero 3, 3+ or 4 into the Sphere Cage, and watch live stitched footage on your iPad via the Teradek Sphere app.

It comes with a 3/8th male to male adapter and extension adapter to move it away from the rig it sits under, minimising visibility in your footage.  We also have optional lightweight HDMI and remote GoPro power cables to streamline and optimise your camera setup.


  • Sphere Cage
  • Top adapter 3/8th female – 3/8th male
  • Bottom adapter 3/8th male – 3/8th male
  • Carbon tube replacement
  • D-Tap to 4 x USB C (150 cm length)

*GoPro’s not included