M-Pro Upgrade


If you are an existing M-Studio owner you will be able to upgrade your M-Studio to a M-Pro and make use of the “Master” controller.


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The M-Pro takes the original M-Series chassis and upgrades the control system to a base version of our all new industrial control system that can be found in our new top end products.

It uses the same chassis as the original M-Series product of stabilisers, but the new motor control system adds a new level of highly refined and tuneable control.

At the heart of the new control system is the “Master”.  This all new hand controller has been designed from the ground up to give the operator a professional interface that is tailored to camera movement.

It gives the operator fine tuneable control over maximum speed, acceleration, deceleration, and steering rates, meaning you can dial in the specific type of movement you want.  This makes creating and repeating the same movement easier than ever before as you are less reliant on experience and muscle memory to finesse your movements time and time again on set.

Not only that but it upgrades the radio link technology to a radio system more commonly found in professional camera equipment.  This gives users improved radio link stability in challenging environments and increased range.

The Master comes in an ergonomic hand held package that uses common V-Lock batteries for power enabling us to directly mount (1/4” mounting holes) and power a monitor and RF video receiver to the controller for first person view and control from a small camera (GoPro or similar) mounted on the front of the chassis.